Sunday, June 18, 2006

Apartment Search: From Brooklyn to Great Neck

In an effort to get closer to civilization, Jen and I have been searching for a new apartment in neighborhoods that we've always admired: Brooklyn and Great Neck. Both communities offer a vibrant night life, great dining, short commute into Manhattan and all ammeneties within walking distance.

Our Brooklyn search began in Bay Ridge and Park Slope, with a beautiful find of a brownstone in the latter. As a matter of fact, we loved the place so much that we left a deposit... on the spot. We've got to thank Mary at Aguayo & Huebener for showing us around!

But Brooklyn poses some challenges, such as parking (for our new car), storage, a sizable monthly financial commitment and most of all, an impossible daily commute to Long Island for Jen. Great Neck just seems like a better value, a shorter leap (distance), and offers more realisitic opportunities for us to purchase in the near future.