Sunday, July 03, 2011

Embarking Upon My Site Redesign

I've procrastinated long enough! What example am I setting for my clients and colleagues, when my own site lies neglected? So this summer, I will embark upon my own site redesign.

I will start by interviewing myself, researching the competitive landscape (I'm looking at you, fellow Site Optimizers) and identifying my goals for the new site. I hope to use this space here to share my experience with you.

Being the visual thinker that I am, I couldn't resist diving into some sketches to generate ideas. These serve as an initial brain dump, nothing more. See below.

Stay tuned...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Friends from Social Network Pursuade Couple's Purchase

My wife and I regularly check-in to retail stores, restaurants and night spots via Foursquare and Facebook. This isn't normally newsworthy for me, but yesterday it proved to be influential on a large purchase we are planning.

Shortly after leaving the retail store of a specialty mattress manufacturer, I noticed that a few comments were left on my Facebook status (which I previously used to check-in) cautioning me to not proceed with the purchase. The comments ranged from tales of manufacturer defects, loopholes to their warranty, and suggestions for alternative mattress manufacturers.

It's funny, because I typically study and share research with my clients about consumer social networks influencing purchase decisions. Guess it's... validating, to experience something like this first-hand.

Thanks friends.