Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Airplane Grounded, Flooded Train Station and Large Pipe Burst

Today was just another page in my book of travel woes. For me, business travel is always an adventure. However, today's unique series of events bares mention, even if purely for the sake of entertainment.

Earlier this morning, my flight to Detroit — out of LGA — was canceled due to a severe weather system that swept through, wreaking havoc on travel across the tri-state area. AA kindly offered later flights, but were made available with little guarantee on time of departure. I, of course, learned this the hard way by taking them up on the offer.

As the time quickly approached 11am, my 12:30pm in-person Detroit meeting was no longer within reach. So, Plan B consisted of a 15-minute cab ride home, allowing me to dial-in and leisurely conduct the meeting from the comfort of my own home. Here's the part where I learned that the weather "wreaked havoc on ALL travel..."

Plan B began to derail when my 15 minute cab ride turned into a 2-hour ordeal. And boy, let me tell you — there's nothing like leading a meeting from a cab!

I'll save readers the gory details as to how my call went. My interesting story continues after I arrived home and considered heading into the office. News reports (and other reliable sources, ie. my wife) said that my train line was closed indefinitely due to water damage. "Water damage???" A further investigation revealed the extent of flooding.

This evening I learned that working from home may have been for the best. You see, news reports revealed that one of NYC's largest steam explosions took place only blocks away from my office. Read about it here, here and here. While my heart goes out to those who were injured in the mayhem, I'm thankful my wife and I were able to avoid it — and the gnarly mass transit delays that followed.

Oh, and the forecast shows similar severe weather for the next two days...

Monday, July 16, 2007

I Don't Always Eat Money

We're hiring. Yes, we're hiring at Avenue A | Razorfish. I am interested in sharing this news not just because of the prize money I could earn for hiring you, but also because I was instrumental in creating the video promotion.

Where US Presidency Campaign Finances reside

The has brilliantly assembled a map to highlight where 2008 US Presidential candidate campaign donations come from. Using this tool, just select a candidate and see where the deep pocketed supporters reside! Oh, and it's great fun to see what mid-western states are supporting the obscure candidates. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who needs an iPhone when you have an iDea?

Creatives should always choose a table napkin over an iPhone.

"Like the iPhone, it's got simplicity going for it - and like the iPhone, it can accommodate your biggest ideas, then act as a vehicle to communicate it to the rest of the world. Add-on accessories include masking tape."

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