Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lady Clown Brings Live Music to Brooklyn

Hoping to check out the acoustic, "intellectual" live music of Lady Clown next month. Benjamin Scheuer, part of the scruffy NY-based band, says they're hosting a concert series every Friday in August at I-Beam in Brooklyn. Lady Clown will take to the stage each August Friday around 10pm, accompanied by an eclectic range of acts each night. Get this: admission is free, wine will be served, and byob. This has got to be good. I'll be sure to post pics after my wife and I check out a show.

FYI: I-Beam is a new musician-operated performance and teaching space located in Park Slope at 168 7th St, between Second and Third Aves.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Extending Brands on Flickr

AKQA London's Geoff Northcott recently wrote about using Flickr as an extension of a brand into the social media space. His post is packed with great examples of companies who are using Flickr to do this well. What may be most valuable: Northcott's analysis of do’s and dont's for brands considering incorporating Flickr into their social media strategy. Full article:

'Wary' point number 4 is relevant to much of social media in general, but rarely is adhered to: "Attempting to start a community space without a passionate user base in place or cred to start one." Love it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

WDDG: War-Time Design Propaganda

Besides a brilliant company name (WDDG is short for World Domination Design Group), the smart execution in the style of WWII government propaganda videos is a load of fun. WDDG didn't take any shortcuts when producing content for each of their site's categories, continuing the vintage slideshow theme throughout. Sure, it's a bit cumbersome when trying to fetch a quick bit of information (a new video cues), and I'm sure SEO presents some challenges - but the site is a fun, playful and simple way to demonstrate their creativity. For an added bonus, view source: they even have fun with code!

Note: had WDDG linked in my favorites long ago, but finally getting around to writing about it now.