Friday, June 27, 2008

LEGO cupcakes -- brilliant!

Mix and match cupcakes for fun? That will only last so long, once the pieces become consumed. These will disappear faster than leaving a small child with actual Lego pieces.

My wife was inspired by this artist (Naomi), baked cupcakes last night and attempted to create fondant for her own designs. But the result was a gooey, slimy icing-like result that didn't resemble the dough-like consistency she was looking for. After further investigation this morning, 2 factors were the cause: not enough sugar, and not enough time to set. Only 16 ounces of sugar and 20 minutes to set just didn't cut it. However the results were still delicious.

She's welcome to continue to try, try, try again... I'm ready and willing to sample the results.