Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why I Don't Blog, And 6 Reasons Why I Should

Q: Why do I write a blog? A: To share my opinions on digital advertising for the purpose of educating readers, stimulating conversation and... feeding my ego.

Q: So why has it been months since I wrote a post? A: Because I can accomplish my aforementioned objectives with Twitter and Facebook.

I'm not trying to make excuses here. Honestly, these social media destinations enable me to easily tweet, comment and share candid opines. I post via my iPhone apps and TweetDeck on my Mac/PC. It's never been easier for me to publish in such quick and easy ways with an engaged audience.
  • Twitter's 140-character limit discourages full sentences (for better or for worse). Public conversation is enabled via responses, tagging and re-tweeting.
  • Facebook is plugged into so many sites, that it's easy to post an article and add my own color commentary (natch'). Public conversation is enabled via commenting and wall postings.
So why blog? Here's 6 good reasons:
  1. Not everyone uses Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Blog postings are indexed by Google.
  3. Blogs provide a certain permanence to posts that can easily be searched.
  4. Blogs can stay focused on a single subject, positioning author as subject matter expert.
  5. Blogs may generate revenue (Google AdWords).
  6. Blogs contribute to building the brand You.