Monday, February 21, 2011

Friends from Social Network Pursuade Couple's Purchase

My wife and I regularly check-in to retail stores, restaurants and night spots via Foursquare and Facebook. This isn't normally newsworthy for me, but yesterday it proved to be influential on a large purchase we are planning.

Shortly after leaving the retail store of a specialty mattress manufacturer, I noticed that a few comments were left on my Facebook status (which I previously used to check-in) cautioning me to not proceed with the purchase. The comments ranged from tales of manufacturer defects, loopholes to their warranty, and suggestions for alternative mattress manufacturers.

It's funny, because I typically study and share research with my clients about consumer social networks influencing purchase decisions. Guess it's... validating, to experience something like this first-hand.

Thanks friends.


Dani S. said...


If it helps you feel more validated: I pump Yelp for information about pretty much anyplace I go and anything I want to buy, so that I can get that same kind of influence. I've saved a LOT of money, and eaten a lot of amazing food, as a result.

It's sought-out rather than spontaneously-given advice, but still!

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