Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ma', can I go to Amp Camp this summer?

Amp Camp: noun; an indispensable Online Resource of Indie-Rock.

From the same folks outta Brooklyn who brought you Neighborhoodies, Amp Camp is an incredible source of indie rock catalogs, reviews, streaming tunes and the Index-A-Tron 5000 -- a searchable database of records by "ideal audience"... a great way to find music by your taste, or that of a Bear with Sunglasses. There's some really smart young chaps running this site, evident in the quality of the music reviews and smart writing throughout.

It gets even better -- stop by each day for a free download at Amp Camp's "MP3 of the day", which gives you a daily dose of free tunes from some bands that are well-known and some that are... not so much. And if you skip a day, just download what you missed from the archives. Sweeeet.

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