Friday, January 04, 2008

Wii Remote Strap Replacement

I received an email this evening from Nintendo, indicating that my Wii remote may be in need of a replacement wrist strap. They've assured me that by wearing the wrist strap (I suppose both new or old), it will prevent me from "accidentally dropping or throwing the remote during game play which could damage the remote or surrounding objects, or cause injury to other people."

My wife can attest to the damage I've already caused with my Wii remote. I've managed to hack/scuff the frames on our living room walls, and on several occasions narrowly miss her face as I swing my tennis backhand -- all with wrist strap firmly secured, mind you.

But by the looks of this photo, I'm not sure what sort of wrist strap improvement I should expect from Nintendo in the mail. I can't tell much of a difference in quality between the new and original.

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Aman said...

I can't have it right now, as Wii is not readily available in my part of world :(