Monday, February 26, 2007

My Letter to Business 2.0

The following is a copy of my letter I sent to the Business 2.0 (magazine) editor. I was prompted to write in, after struggling through page-by-page with their recent issue of the redesigned pub. Does anyone else share in my opinion? I surely cannot be alone...

Dear Mr. Quittner & Co.,

I have been a long time subscriber and satisfied reader of your magazine. I am also a subscriber to similar publications such as FastCompany, BusinessWeek, WIRED, etc.

I am writing today to express my dissatisfaction with your new design and layout you recently rolled out. The look and feel suddenly feels cheap and amateurish. While I understand you are making efforts to cater to a new audience with much shorter attention spans thanks to the birth of new interactive media, the results are lackluster.

While your content is still attractive to me, as a result of the poor redesign, you have lost me as a reader. I will look to my other sources for pertinent business and technology news. Please write to me should you reconsider your magazine's new look. I will be easily persuaded to return as a faithful reader.

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