Sunday, March 04, 2007

FreshDirect: Dinner at our Doorstep

I can't say enough good things about FreshDirect! Prepared dinners are exquisitely arranged, produce is remarkably fresh and they offer a healthy selection of organic foods. All of this wholesome goodness brought right to our door by a friendly delivery guy!

My one major gripe is their website — more than just a moot point, since it's the way you place an order. FreshDirect's product categorization leaves a bit to be desired as well as the navigation being quite clumsy and non-intuitive. Photos and descriptions are decent, however there must be more enticing ways to feature product.

Competitive prices with our local supermarket and a generous choice of delivery times have made this a service we can't live without. After a consultation with our usability team, there just may be hope for their site.

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macfixer said...

I checked their site -- they do not deliver to CT.