Monday, March 19, 2007

Improv'ing at the UCBT

Having a blast in my Improv 101 class at UCBT, taught by Zach Woods. I've been seeing shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade for 5+ years and without fail have always been enthralled by the performance. My clever and thoughtful wife bought me classes at the UCB as my 2-year anniversary gift. Just what we need in our relationship after 2 years — someone with formal training to 'turn up' the drama (?)

I feel the pressure being the only one in the class without formal acting training or aspirations to pursue a professional acting career. But a few classmates have assured me that they appreciate my deadpan delivery and the fact that I don't "over-act".

My classmate's comment may come as a surprise to my wife, seeing that on numerous occasions she's accused me of "over-acting" at home. But with my new training, I'm almost certain more drama at home will ensue.

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