Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feedly Beautifully Delivers Content

I've tried Netvibes, iGoogle, Google Reader and numerous other RSS aggregators. For one reason or another, each failed to become part of my daily consumption of news and information.

Enter Feedly. The dashboard of all dashboards! Feedly is an extension for Firefox, incorporating my various email accounts, social networks, RSS feeds and bookmarks. Besides pulling everything into one place, one of the most attractive assets is Feedly's design and layout. All of my content can be formatted into customizable layouts, in which I can filter and search. I'm able to clip and send full articles or parts of articles, sharing them via my integrated email and social network accounts.

And personalization! An intelligent engine learns my reading habits, offering me relevant news based on my reading patterns and preferences. And articles that I've read within Feedly are refelected as 'read' in my Google Reader.