Sunday, October 05, 2008

Why I'm In Advertising

It was the early 80's. Looking up in Times Square, I fixed my eyes on what must have been a Coca-Cola billboard. Amazed by the classic design, magnificent scale and masses of people exposed to it, it is my belief that at this moment I became mesmerized with the profession of advertising. Of course, at this prepubescent age I was also entertaining a few other careers: veterinarian, Disney animator or professional Corvette driver (the job description speaks for itself).

Looking back, it feels good to say that I've gone down one of my dream career paths. However, after zig-zagging a bit, and flexing my creative muscle, I'm not quite sure how I landed into this current role. I think it's a new found passion to make my clients wildly successful, in an all-new, quantifiable way.

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