Saturday, October 11, 2008

Future of Web Design Conference in NYC

I'd like to attend the upcoming FOWD Conference in NYC, November 3-4. The absolute highlight for me is to hear Hillman Curtis speak about how he's continued to re-invent himself as an artist. Hillman Curtis was one of a few significant influences on my career as a graphic designer (others included Stephen Sagmeister and David Carson, although neither is currently scheduled to join Mr. Curtis as a speaker).

What stands between me and this conference, is funding. As the economy weakens, it is harder for my employer to approve expenses like this. In that case, I hope Louise at Carsonified can come through for me with a pass.


Brandon Gerena said...

due to client meeting conflicts, I could not attend. I welcome anyone who did attend to share a quick summary!

komp2 said...

Great report, welcoming website, thank you for all your work on it!