Friday, October 26, 2007

Nintendo Wii Contributes to Healthy Marriages

As MediaPost reports, the Nintendo Wii has been recently hovering in the top spots of Amazon's wedding gift registry. Their observation that "Nintendo is no longer seen as an obstacle to a healthy marriage, but as a contributing factor," is very consistent with happenings in my own relationship.

My wife and I find that by participating in Nintendo Wii 2-player bowling or tennis, it brings us closer the way actual sports and activities tend to do. There's usually a hand-slapping "good job" to commend a nicely bowled strike. Or, a thorough taunting when my tennis serve is an ace (well, in all honesty, the taunting isn't always welcome).


Jen said...

I think I've gotten more Ace's then you have deary. :)

Kitty said...

haha, that's very cute.

My bf and I just got a Playstation 3, which frankly makes me seasick.

I was just telling him today that having these games play out on the big tv screen is so much better than those little handheld games that only one person can view.